How to increase your homes curb appeal and value

//How to increase your homes curb appeal and value

How to increase your homes curb appeal and value

Now that GAF has announced all of their dimensional and designer shingles are lifetime products, and you are also getting your home installed by a certified Master Elite installer you have a full 50 years before you ever have to think about getting a new roof again. We know you are at the right place, so the real thing to worry about is choosing the right shingle type for your house! The standard issue dimensional shingles can give a real nice upgrade from your standard 3-tab shingles, but you may ask yourself, is that really the only type of shingle available? Am I missing something? The answer: YES!

Your roof can make up about 40% of the visual appeal of your house. So why do people spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on flowers, sod, pavers, goofy garden gnomes, etc, but hire the cheapest person around with the standard issue shingles? The easy answer is no one really offers them because they are a bit more expensive and they may be unfamiliar with the installation process. You may be missing out because of inexperience, or you just are not aware they even exist.
The initial and relatively small investment of designer shingles, can easily be recaptured and even greatly boost your homes resale, or just enjoy the simple every day pleasure of looking at your house and making the neighbors jealous 🙂

Head over to the roofing page and take a look and what you are missing out on!


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