The importance of choosing the right contractor

//The importance of choosing the right contractor

Tear off on a roof that was nailed improperly. Standard procedure is 4 nails per shingle, nailed where the 2 laminated layers meet together. This bonds the 2 laminated portions together and also hits the shingle underneath, making 8 nails total per shingle. This roof was nailed about 2 inches high, and you can see how easy it comes off. With all the wind we have had lately, it is a miracle it wasn’t pulled off the roof!

This was a 40 year shingle on the roof and still in perfectly fine condition, but they kept sliding off due to poor installation. If installed properly, they still had a good 20+ years left in them. The roof was only 15 years old, and cost over $22,000 to replace!

Murray’s Roofing and Siding, Inc. Installs our golden pledge roof system using GAF’s high wind procedure using 6 nails per shingle and starters on the rake and eaves.


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