Perfection Triple 5

Cedar Discovery® Triple 5″ Perfection Shingle


A slightly shorter profile than our Double 7″ shingle, the Triple 5″ also features random gaps and a rough cedar-grain texture to replicate the look of real cedar shingles. While shorter, Triple 5” still delivers big on durability. It boasts a 200 mph wind rating, stands up to tough weather tests and resists fading.

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Perfection Shingle Triple 5″

Cedar Discovery’s digitally reproduced textures are taken from actual cedar planks and provide random depths and patterns giving this panel a true cedar look.


Product Details
Code: CD50P2
Performance: Super Premium
Material: Polymer
Style: Perfection Shingle
Thickness (Nominal): 0.09″
Length: 69.5″
Width (Exposure): 15 5/16″
Profile: Triple 5”