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The importance of choosing the right contractor

Tear off on a roof that was nailed improperly. Standard procedure is 4 nails per shingle, nailed where the 2 laminated layers meet together. This bonds the 2 laminated portions together and also hits the shingle underneath, making 8 nails total per shingle. This roof was nailed about 2 inches high, and you can see [...]

What does it mean to be master elite?

You may see this bit of jargon on our site, accompanied by the logo above and wonder what it really means to be a master elite roofing contractor. I will explain in great detail, it may get a little long winded but in the end will reveal a huge amount of information that you will [...]

How to increase your homes curb appeal and value

Now that GAF has announced all of their dimensional and designer shingles are lifetime products, and you are also getting your home installed by a certified Master Elite installer you have a full 50 years before you ever have to think about getting a new roof again. We know you are at the right place, [...]